Sigma Mixers design offered as per different application requirements. We offer wide range of design features meeting various user requirements. Some of the features are listed below:

  • Blade Material: Material option of AISI 1030, AISI CF8 & AISI CF8M
  • U Trough: Construction gauge offered from 3mm thick up to 30mm thick in mild steel and stainless steel 304 & 316 options.
  • Motor horsepower: Motor horsepower ranging from 1.5 H.P. up to 250 H.P power.
  • Power Voltage: Can be design as per various geographical power voltage requirements.
  • Rotation speed: Fix and variable speed RPM offered with option of variable frequency drive.
  • Feeding: Manual type feeding as well as vacuum/screw type automatic feeding can be offered.
  • Discharge: Manual, chain type and hydraulic type automatic tilting as well as screw type side discharge system.
  • Heating: Heating jacket offered for steam heating, hot water circulation and electrical heaters with suitable grade insulation.
  • Cooling: Jacket offered for cool water circulation.
  • Sealing: Silicon & PTFE sealing for food grade and asbestos sealing for industrial grade equipment offered.
  • Finish: 80 grit to 240 grit finish on stainless steel parts and epoxy paint on mild steel parts.
  • Discharge Clearance: Discharge clearance can be offered as per user requirements.

Optional Design Features

  • Mild Steel parts can be cladded with stainless steel 304 or 316 materials.
  • Vacuum system can be offered to provide vacuum inside the equipment during operation.
  • Cover opening in single part or two part as per requirements. Limit switch in top cover to stop equipment in case of top cover is open.
  • Explosion proof/flame proof construction.
  • Spray nozzles for liquid purging.
  • Thermocouple for display of temperature

Blade Designs

Sigma type Blade
Cutting type Blade
Fishtail type Blade
Z type Blade


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